Who are we?

Welcome to getinternationalclients.com! We are a group of entrepreneurs, business people and sales enthusiasts that aim to help you out with your business. All of us have had our fair share of defeats and heart breaks in our business. It is our desire to help you overcome, move on and triumph over these down times in your business.

We know how you feel! As businessmen, we know that the biggest struggle in our industry is finding clients. Most of us in this blog started from scratch. We also did not have clients and struggled getting them. One of us even went through two months without a single sale. Others up until now have periods wherein sale is very low. But it’s all part of the trade.

We would like to tell you more about us through this acrostic!

C – Compassion! We know how you feel. We share your sentiments with regard to the problems and difficulties of running a business. We will try our very best to relate to you and help you in the best way we could!

Aside from that, we also have a lot of Connections! As aforementioned, we are a group of businessmen, we have a lot of people to ask help from with regard to your queries and problems. Feel free to leave a message at our comments box or community page.

L – Love. We bank on love. Yes, as cheesy as it seems we really do! We got so much love- our love for our trade, our love for business and of course our love for money! We also would love to help you love your trade. Anything we do is truly at its best when we love it.

I– Intent. As we have been stressing over and over again in our site, we intend to help you and your business grow.

E– Establishment. We were established in 2009. We were all classmates back in the university. We all were in one college. Some of us took up Business Management, others finished Accountancy. After graduation, we all decided to go on our separate ways and start on our own business ventures. But when we met again together for a reunion, we talked about our experiences in running a business. We decided to put up this blog to narrate and share those experiences to you.

N –Newbies. As you can infer from the above statement, most of us are in our mid and late twenties. We are young entrepreneurs who are also struggling to find our niche in the business industry. Through this blog, we aim to not only help you with your business, but we also hope that we could also learn from you and your experiences!

T– Talent. We are looking for more talents who would like to narrate, share and contribute their thoughts and experiences.

With this blog, we aim to provide you with the following benefits:

  • We intend to give you a heads up on the latest business news.
  • We aim to update you with the latest trends in the business industry. The world is ever-changing especially with the rise of technology. In just a minute, there’s a new trend people are going crazy about. As a businessman, we need to know how to capitalize on this and use it to the furtherance of our business ventures.
  • We aim to provide you tips, tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to improve your business as a whole. Before you attract your business, you have to make sure that it is of quality. You should be able to present your brand and products with pride.
  • We aim to help you get clients – specifically international clients. A brand and product of great quality will attract clients not only locally but also internationally.
  • With us, you get to meet and communicate with other people in the field! Drop by our community page and meet the industry experts, potential clients and business partners!

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a message on our comments box! We would love to hear from you. If you want to become part of getinternationalclients.com or contribute an article or editorial simply leave us a message.