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Welcome to getinternationalclients.com! This blog is especially created for entrepreneurs made by fellow entrepreneurs and business people. This website is made to give you business guides and business tips on guide you on how to get international clients.

The hardest thing in starting a business is not thinking of what to sell nor setting up a physical or online store; the hardest thing in starting one is finding clients and customers. Both newcomers and old-timers in the industry alike would likely say the same.

Business is defined as ‘the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.” There are a lot of tricks in this trade. Most of the tricks pertain on how to obtain more customers.

 Goals of this website

This website has three main goals, they are namely;

  • We aim to provide you with the latest news and updates with regard to anyone and anything about business. The business world is ever-changing and interconnected. A change in a certain part of the world would most likely than not result to a change in the other side of the world. A good entrepreneur is always first in the news! Get the freshest business news from us!
  • We aim to provide you with tips, tutorials and step-by-step guides with regard to getting clients. More specifically, it aims to help you attract customers around the world. Aside from that, also get advice straight from the experts of the industry!
  • We aim to provide informational articles on how to improve your business as a whole.

Why should you subscribe to getinternationalclients.com?

Getinternationalclients.com is a blog intended to help you attract more clients. This page is created mainly for the benefit of entrepreneurs. However, others could still benefit from subscribing to this blog. Here are some of the benefits you could get upon subscription to this blog:

  • Get business tips from the experts!
  • Catch up on the latest business news.
  • Build connections with pertinent people in the industry.

Reviews and Testimonials

“I am new with the business thing. I just started my online clothing shop and I have had a hard time finding customers. During the first two weeks of my online shop, nobody even bothered to buy from me. I only had around 40 views and 0 sales. I sought help using the internet and landed upon this site. I read up and stocked up on knowledge about business and sales. I followed the pieces of advice that were given in this website and after a week, I was able to get my first sale! Since then, everything has been going uphill.” – Mara, 23, Struggling Clothing Entrepreneur

international Client for your Business“I’ve been in the furniture industry for 18 years now. I started when I was just 20 years old. Back in those days, entrepreneurs attracted clients by personally approaching them. Right now, everything can be done in just a click. I have regular and loyal customers but of course I would like to gain more. Through this website, I was able to get more customers – most of them were from other parts of the world.  I was also given the idea to put an online shop! Through this, I had at least 5% increase in sales.“ – Roberto, 38, Furniture Shop Owner

“I myself am a blogger. I came across this website while browsing through the list of website with most hits. I was curious as it seemed to be out of place in a list where most of the blogs were about fashion, travel and lifestyle. After checking it out, I understood why it was included in such list. Even though I do not own any shop or business, it helped me in thinking of ways to promote my blog. Thanks guys! Great site!” – Helga, 28, Lifestyle Blogger

“I have a travel agency. Most of my customers are walk-in. However, I lost a lot of customers lately due to the influx in online bookings. I followed what the experts in getinternationalclients.com said and made a blog and social media accounts. Right now I have lots of clients! Traveling is such a trend right now because of the ‘need’ to post something on one’s blog and Instagram account. The more you travel; the more pictures you have to post on your social media account. I learned that you have to take advantage of this. Thank you very much for the business tips getinternationalclients.com! Five stars for you!”